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About Us

Deon’s sole purpose is to make you experience sound like never before.
We develop our products based in our technical expertise and adapt them to your needs as customers, making sure you always get the maximum value out of what you pay for.

We use high end parts in all of our products, from internal components such as top of the line transistors to external jacks and knobs and cabinet design. We never sacrifice quality for price because we do not pretend to sell you a product. We intend to earn your trust.  

The idea is that you think of us when you feel like throwing a house party or when you just want to have a fun karaoke session with your friends; when you leave your house on an outdoor camping trip the whole weekend or just a regular Sunday at the beach, or even if you just want to plug in your guitar for an ocassional jam.

You can set up DEON products in every life scenarios you can think of. Whenever you see yourself listening to consistent quality sound, envolving low frequency bass waves and clean high tones, you just have to think of Deon.

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